Friday, April 27, 2012

Update on Accu-

I think it went good...Basically I have some issues with my spleen chi and some mild PCOS type stuff...She wants me to go gluten free. I will also be on Chinese herbs, that I can take in conjunction with the meds my DR has RX me. I will do Accu every 10 days. I think the hardest part about all of this will be going gluten free....
OMG How am I going to do that!!??
I guess my next step is doing some serious gluten shopping, and getting a cupboard of my very own to put the things I can eat in it...It is going to be sooooo hard...I am going to make my husband do it as well to see if his migraines let up.
Well, here we go! I am starting Monday! Time to gather my food and get ready!

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  1. Hey from FF, just offering a voice of support.

    I've been around for your last two losses and I am hoping and praying for you.

    Glad to hear your acupuncturist has a plan and has suggested a gluten free diet. I have heard great things about gluten free while ttc.

    Lots of love


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