Thursday, April 19, 2012

Maybe, Just maybe!

I might finally be ovulating!! Good grief this cycle has been wacky! I thought for sure I O'ed on CD 16, but then my temp never went up...then I started to gear up to O again and the last few days I swore each one was o day because of the ovary pain and + OPK's/EWCM etc...I did not even plan on using OPK's this cycle but because my temps have been crazy and I had not O'ed yet I got curious. I think tomorrow I will finally see that good temp rise! This afternoon my CM has dried out and should be turning to post O by later tonight... I have never had my cycle thrown off so much before after a loss. This last one really did my body in...Praying it heals well...Praying this really IS Ovulation so i can get on with it already!

We had planned on "abstaining" this cycle, so I would be all healed and ready for one more medicated cycle. But, have been "enjoying each other" with no pressure from my fertile window just spontanious fun...Just so happens we have gotten a few days of BD in there we will see. I Prayed and told God, I do not want to get pregnant, unless it is my take home baby! I just don't! I really wish we could use "protection" so I would not even have to worry about it, but condoms irritate me, and there nothing I can take that wont mess me up more...This cycle was impossible to time fertile period too, so Looks like I am just going to have to trust God in it...And Pray for the best.

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