Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New med to add to the list

I went in for my first of 4 appts with the MANY physicians I am seeing right now. Today was my appt with my primary DR. Just went over the basic, Blood pressure, weight etc. I got some blood work done for my thyroid and blood sugars. Thyroid should be OK, as I just had that checked not long ago,  but I will be waiting for the blood sugar results. I have been monitoring my own levels at home with a glucometer, and have had some pretty high readings now and again, after meals and borderline fasting levels..That coupled with my other symptoms of slight insulin resistance/PCOS, they decided to FINALLY give me a RX for some metformin. I have been doing some reading and met seems to be a great thing for those of us who struggle with this. I have been asking my RE to RX it for me for months, but he said he does not feel I have PCOS cause I do ovulate on my own, however I disagreed and luckily so did this new primary DR. So I am on 500 mgs twice a day. I am hoping this will help things along in our TTC efforts, and maybe even help with my weight loss. I also did some reading and it said that women with PCOS have a MUCH lower risk of miscarriage when taking metformin VS not taking it. So that in itself brings some hope. I know I may not have bad PCOS, but I def know I have a mild version of it, and who knows if that has played any part in my losses...I have a sneaky feeling it does. How awesome would it be to finally get that take home baby after adding something so simple..and CHEAP to my list of meds! Here is hoping!! At the very least, it should make my Ovulation a bit better and hopefully stunt the growth of the nasty facial hair I seem to have now...freaking hormones!

Now, next stop, the acupuncturist on the 26th! Then the OBGYN, and  the RE....One down, 3 more appts to go!

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