Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Podcast on reproductive immunology-

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  1. Thank you for sharing that. I listened to the entire broadcast and am going to order the book they mentioned now "Is Your Body Baby Ready."

    I know that RI is such a new science and it's hard to gain a consensus among all RE's on what they think about it and how far in depth they are willing (or able) to go with testing and treatment options. I just have that nagging voice telling me I might have a larger auto immune problem. I mean, I have 4 clotting disorders, including ANA, MTHFR, Anti-Cardiolipin AB and Protein S deficiency, 2 losses (even though one was ectopic), 1 failed IVF (even though the embryos were spectacular) AND I have relatives with autoimmune issues, like lupus. I really wish there was more peer reviewed double blind research studies to study all of the treatment protocols, but with time I'm sure they will come.

    Thanks again for sharing all the great tools and knowledge. I know you've done a lot of digging on your own, and it's very helpful to share the resources that you do.


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