Tuesday, April 16, 2013

CD 1- Here we go...

Well, AF showed with a vengeance. Yay me.  The heat pack is my best friend....lol

I got the clear (Email back) from Braverman, that we could cycle this month. I will do my follow up consult with him later this week or next, on skype (depending on when the freaking check clears etc), instead of waiting until May 11th to do my F/U appt in person...Then I will pay the cycle fee, and get all my meds RX's- Since we are doing a semi natural/un monitored femara cycle, I don't have to worry about monitoring fee's, travel etc, we can just jump right in this month...I already have some neupogen on hand anyhow, and lovenox and prednisone, but I will have everything I need for the next 12 weeks soon anyway....

It is all starting to become real. I am not nearly as worried or stressed  about it all now....I think the last few days' mood swings were magnified by the hormones preceding AF...Beeotch!...Only a hint of melancholy today...Just wish I could know before hand, how this cycle was going to work out...Its a bit nerve wracking...Really hoping and praying it takes only ONE cycle, and we can snag a sticky!!! Hopeful EDD is, Jan 21/22/23- if I O in my normal range...=)

So far, here are the meds/supps we will be using this month:

Along with my normal prenatal and Synthroid I will be taking...

1. NAC (AKA N-acetyl cycteine) from CD 1 to Ovulation.
2. D3 10,000 IU a day
3. Metformin 2000 mgs a day
4. Prenisone 20 mgs a day
5. Femara CD 2-8
6. 10,000 IU HCG trigger ( pregnyl given SC) at + opk
7. Lovenox- 40 mgs 2 x a day by injection all cycle long.
8. Neupogen (dose TBD) from O to 12 weeks pregnant-
9. 1 baby aspirin a day
10. PIO 50 mgs inject 1 x a day
11. Prometrium- 1200 mgs a day

I also ordered some more OPK's/HPT's and some Preseed just to have on hand...I think I might need a new BBT therm too...Better get that soon!...

OK- Here we go- TTC with the big guns this time!

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  1. Here you go!!! Best of luck to you with your new and improved power cycle! This is going to be your sticky, I just know it!


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