Friday, April 19, 2013

Hello, Hot flashes

Generally Femara isn't too bad for me in term of side effects, but I can def feel some hormonal action going on today. =) Means everything is working I suppose! whoo hooo!

AF is winding down a bit, thankfully! DHis looking forward resuming BD activity! ;)

Still waiting for the check for our cycle fee funds to get here!! UGH! WHY this week of all weeks does the mail have to run sooo slow!! I really wanted to have my skype consult done with dr. B before this weekend, but we have to wait- Hopefully by mid week I have all the stuff done, and details on neupogen dose etc to start when I O...Really praying the heck is there in the mail this afternoon...Would make me a very happy camper! Getting down to the wire here...Which Dr. B assured would be fine, since I need so little management as far as my cycle goes. But the planner in me is going crazy with this last minute stuff!!

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