Friday, April 12, 2013

Getting ready

  I have been busy ordering my other meds, so I have them on hand for when we decide to cycle again. I have my HCG trigger on it's way to me- should be here middle of next week. I have my PIO injects ready to be picked up too (and tons of femara already on hand). I have 30 days of Neupogen on hand as well. I am waiting to have my follow up appt with Braverman, to go over the most recent testing we did at me new patient appt.(praying there is nothing else that pops up that warrants even more treatments etc)...Once I do that, and pay the 1250 cycle fee (which insurance will reimburse some of) I will get a RX for more Prednisone, Lovenox (40 mgs 2 x a day- a bit more than I was previously on) and Neupogen. Fingers crossed my new HRA insurance will cover the neupogen...I NEED it to be covered. I cannot put out 4 grand for 30 days worth- no way, no how....Please oh please be covered!!!

   Anyhow, I am off to go get a mani/pedi ..Oh yeahhh...I am in desperate need of some relaxation time .....Its been over a year since I have treated myself to more than a latte in the drive through- lol

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  1. Enjoy your mani pedi. Ordering all the meds is enough to make you need a whole day at the spa!


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