Monday, April 15, 2013

Hear my heart...

When there are no words to say
And no prayer that I can pray
Hear my heart
When I don't have strength to try
And I've cried all I can cry
Hear my heart
'Cause You know every fear
And every doubt I cannot speak
You know all the ways I need You
And all the way I'm weak
S I'll be quiet so you can hear my heart

Sometimes I feel
No one's ever been in this place before
This is hard
And I'm not sure that I can do this anymore
I know someday I'll look back
And all this won't seem real
But Lord right now
I need You to know just how I feel

Every now and then
I recall a simple phrase or melody
It comforts and it quiets
Lifts me up and then it carries me
Far above the pain and hurt
I think will never end
The song speaks words I cannot
And calms the fears within

Lord I'll be quiet for You can hear my heart

(song by: sherri easter)

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