Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I paid the cycle fee today! Yay! Things are really rolling now-
I picked up all my other meds, and am all set to go!

For good measure, since we are putting so much into this cycle, I wanted to get a follicle scan, even though it really isn't needed. I still wanted one to make me feel, I went ahead and did my ultrasound and blood work today at my RE office, just to be sure things were going ok. I am on CD 9 today- Finished my femara last night.

Ultrasound showed 6.3 mm lining-
left ovary: 5- under 10mm and-  a 11mm and 13 mm
right ovary: 5- all 10mm and under

TSH- 0.89
FSH- 6.4
LH- 9
E2-20 ( low due to the femara effect)

So far, so good- No word back from Dr. B on the clinic results.
He may ask me to go for one more scan just to see how they are growing- but maybe not- I am the one who requested the scan anyway...

Can't wait to freaking ovulate and get into the TWW! LOL

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