Monday, March 18, 2013

This week!

It all happens this week!!

    I cannot wait to go and get all of these appts done and over with...The waiting has sucked, and anticipating what is going to happen sucks even more...I try not to "go there" and not think about what Braverman might have to say for our chances for the future and what a protocol with him would look like...But, Having seen and read a few other ladies stories with almost exact issues as mine, I can almost BET he is going to suggest Neupogen, and some other variation of meds along with it...And unless by some miracle we can get supernatural coverage for meds or enough money for it, there is no way we will be able to try again for a very LONG time, and at that point, I am not sure I will want to "start over" and have a baby so far apart from my other children's ages...Then add in the stress of the Nero DR, and the Brain scan for MS crap...Stressful!!
Anyway, Let's not go there just yet...I am trying, reallllllly hard to stay focused on the positive, but it is hard...

In other news, I stopped the pill the other day, and have had all sorts of strange things going on, from + OPK's to EWCM with bleeding and everything in between! I remember why I hate hormonal contraceptives...I plan on getting fitted for a diaphram when I have my next GYN appt. That is certainly better than condoms! UGH...

Now, to clean my house top to bottom to get ready for our trip to LI....I will pack the kids bags today, and finish mine tonight...I have most everything picked out and laid aside, ready to be packed away! Just have to tackle MT. Neverest the never ending laundry pile....

Fingers crossed this stupid storm we are supposed to get does not effect our traveling tomorrow....Freaking Groundhog said spring was supposed to come early...10 + inches of snow, 1 day before the first day of spring...Yea...OK...

Sorry if I am rambling, I am a bit over whelmed with all of the things I have to do this week, and all of the things that are kind of "coming to a head" so to speak...Makes my mind a jumbled mess!

Here is to hopefully, a good, productive week!

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  1. I hope your apt. with Braverman goes well and he formulates a plan you guys can agree to! Holy moly 10 inches of snow still?? Pack up those bags and get the heck outta town girlfriend! Enjoy your trip!!


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