Thursday, March 28, 2013


I renewed my Fertility Friend VIP subscription again, for one more year...I have been a VIP member for 3 years now...3 years of charting...2 full years of actively TTC with interventions....No take home baby...ugh....
I had like 100+ days left on my subscription as it was, but I figured I would snag the deal for 24 bucks "just cause"...I have 479 days left now....All know is...

I better have a freaking baby by the time I need to renew again!!!!!!!


  1. How did you get it for so cheap?!

    1. They had a promo on their FB page yesterday- they run them every now and again.

  2. I felt the same way when I signed up for my vip subscription!!!!

  3. That's great to know they run promos! I'm still just a basic member, but I'll keep my eye out. I would definitely become VIP if I could get it for $24, thanks for the insight :)

  4. Figures! I just bought 6 months for the same price. I had a feeling they'd run that darn special right after I bought mine! ;)


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