Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just great...

So on top of everything else...I got word today, my primary DR wants to send me to a neurologist...They are concerned about multiple sclerosis ...I am going for a brain scan just as soon as I can get in and get set up with an appt....

And to just add insult to injury, we found out our second car has to be junked because the frame is rotted...The person ( dealer, not private seller) who sold it (just a year ago)  was a lying liar...Ugh....

I could use any and all prayers...Thanks...::sigh::


  1. Oh yikes, how scary. Sending you lots of prayers. You have been through enough and do not need this on top of it! I'm so sorry. :(

  2. Oh man, when it rains it pours. You are definitely in my prayers! I really hope it turns out to be nothing!!

  3. Praying for you hun! Praying that you do not have MS! HUGS and prayers sent your way!


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