Friday, March 1, 2013


Sooo.......I got  all the insurance info for our new insurance plan ( DH's company phased out the better plan we had to "cut costs") effective April 2nd, and I decided called in to ask about the two( IVIG and Nuepogen)  meds that we would need ( most likely, as they are the only two options for out issues) to use...Yea, NOT covered, not even in the slightest- As in they don't even have a "high co pay" option available, they just don't cover it at all....


AND, to top it all  off, the premium is more expensive, we have a higher deductible AND more OOP costs... Blood work is no longer 100% covered, instead is 80/20- and when you run 6 grand in blood work a pop even 20% is a lot of money...And that is IF reprosource is even "IN NETWORK"...If not then I pay 40 %!

I am soooo frustrated!!!! I hate that this has to be so hard, and I hate that insurance companies are so stupid, and I hate that the meds are so darn expensive! I just really hate today...

Something tells me that AF is also on her way, based on my "lovely" mood, and super nasty cramps...


  1. I hear you I work for a hospital and fertility meds are not covered!!!

  2. These are NOT fertility meds, they are actually immune type meds-


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