Monday, December 10, 2012


I just happened to log on a few mins ago, and check my blogger account and all the blog's stats. I happened to realize, I just passed the ONE year mark from when I started this blog, and nearly 2 years TTC...Time sure does fly!!

Then I happened to look down at the "all time page views" and see over 22,000 views!!  Holy Cow! (And NO, I do not track my on views, lol)...I am actually surprised anyone reads this horrendous display of emotional baggage spewing all over the place....Some time I feel like a whining, insane, bitter, brat when I look back at some of my posts...LOL...I don't know how yall put up with me, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I appreciate the encouragement, and it really is nice to know this page reaches someone, somewhere, and even if only for a moment they can relate in a small way, and feel a little less alone in this LONG, hard journey, then it has been worth putting my time into this blog, and I don't feel as bad bearing my soul here on these endless empty pages...

Thanks readers, you just gave me a little "pick me up" from this really bummer of a day.


  1. Wow! Congrats to you!!! How did you do it? I'm still happy if my little blog gets over 20 hits a day. ha.

    1. I did take some time and promote it...I added it my siggy of all my sites like Baby center, and FF, cafe mom etc, and I also joined private groups on FB for infertility, and RPL etc, and would share my blog link for everyone there..another good way to beef it up, is to do some you yube video vlog entries, that always helps...I plan on doing that soon...once I am a little less depressed..LOL


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