Wednesday, December 19, 2012

That wasn't so bad!

   I am not sure what I expected, but now that it is all over, I can say with certainty, that is was a piece of cake!! The hardest thing was staying still in the chair for 2 hours! LOL!

I got there, got checked in, used the potty real fast, then my nurse drew my blood for progesterone ( came back at 10.7 on 5 dpo, not bad at all for a non medicated cycle and 2 days earlier than a normal peak P4 draw!) then got me set up in my chair and prepped me for my infusion. She then went over the waiver info, and I had to sign a few things. She then went over any side effects/adverse reactions etc...And gave me instructions for the rest of today/this cycle...

I was told to drink at least 80 oz of water today following the infusion, not sure why other than it is supposed to help keep away any head aches associated with the infusion.IV, and also, NO tylenol, and NO alcohol. No problem there! After that, I was all hooked up and ready to go!

I just sat there, and chatted on FF, and caught up on some old epps of  Grey's Anatomy , and guzzled water/ate some snacks. It felt so surreal to be there...Like I had been counting down to this for the last 3 months, but my silly body would not cooperate, and NOW, I was there...I was just so happy, sitting there, thinking about how awesome it is that this cycle happened to work out after all, and how lucky I am to have a RE who will let me do the intralipids!

So, anyway...It was pretty basic, no nonsense and pretty cheap in the grand scheme of things.... BUT, for me, it is worth more than GOLD, if this gives us a THB....Please God, let this WORK!!!

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  1. GO INTRALIPIDS GO!! Do what you gotta do please! Praying that this is the marvelous magical miracle medicine that is an answer to your prayers!! Take care of yourself hun..Sending you tons of good vibes and well wishes...don't you wish someone could MAIL any extra fertile energy?? I could use a truckload!


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