Monday, December 10, 2012


I am starting to realllllyyyy hate my body right now...

I don't have all the labs back from yesterday yet, but I logged into the portal and most of them were in there...Of course, I have to wait for a call back from the Nurse/RE, but, I am pretty sure this cycle will play out like the last one with delayed ovulation  etc......Levels are as follows...

E2- 109 ( should be under 50, last cycle it was 300+ on CD 3)
FSH- 2.66
LH-  6.89 ( the ratio between LH and FSH should not look like this- indicates PCOS)
HCG- <1 (I knew that!)
Waiting on the other two results...
P4- ?
TSH- ?

UGH...Looks like my "mild" insulin resistance" had turned into a more aggressive form, and presenting more like PCOS now...Great, just great...I sent a message to the RE on the portal about it all, asking what he thinks we should do next...Waiting to hear back, but VERY frustrated we are dealing with this same song and dance again!!! WHY ovaries WHY!????????!!!!!!!!!!

I will update once I hear back from the office...I am betting on having to go down for some more blood work and ultrasound to check on what is going on in there...=/

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