Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Intralipids today!

This morning at 10 AM, I will be going for my very first intralipid infusion! I am excited, as this is new for us, and has been shown to have great success rates for RPL ladies! I will get there about 10 mins before, just so they can do a progesterone draw as well, then I will get set up in my little room, and my nurse will start my IV. It should take about a hour and a half or 2 hours to completely infuse the meds. After that, I am set to go, and wont need another one till 5 weeks If we get a + preg test. And again every 28 days till 12-16 weeks or at my RE's/RI's discretion.

I reallllllllllly HOPE we caught the egg this month, and this new concoction helps us snag a THB! I am feeling all sorts of symptoms the last two days...I know it is just progesterone, but it makes me feel better knowing my levels must be good to cause the nastiness I am feeling! We will see what my levels are at this afternoon....Praying for the best!

Here is a nice Chart Overlay of this month's chart, along with two other previous BFP charts as well....So far so good! ( the teal color dots are this cycle)

Ekk...I am getting a little excited...which I know is a premature, but I am kind of liking the glimmer of hope I am able to hang on to for the moment...

I can't wait to TEST!!!!!

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