Monday, December 17, 2012


I am pleased to report, not all is lost with this cycle!! Not only did I ovulate way early, and get some BD action in, I also got the RE to let me do my Intralipids and prednisone!! I go down Wed morning at 10 am for a Intralipid IV infusion and a progesterone draw...I already started on dexamethasone, just waiting for my prednisone RX to come through for the correct dose! I am so stoked! I know this cycle could be a total bust due tot he funky O and whackiness, but, I have a LITTLE hope, now that I get to at least TRY the intralipids, and I will get them in time too, right on 5 dpo...which should work out great, it is not ideal, like having it done on CD 5 days before ovulation, but at least I get it done before implantation, that is key!

I also woke up to wonderful crosshairs! always makes me smile a little! especially with a early O like this month...I had virtually NO waiting  for ovulation like normal...So this TWW is already flying by!

Here is a peek at the chart!

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  1. Looks good! Good to hear things are going well and you're getting some good support. Have a calm TWW.


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