Saturday, December 15, 2012

Alrighty then!

Looks like It def was Ovulation!!! Got a NICE temp spike this morning, and all my regular post O symptoms! The only "odd" part about it all is HOW EARLY I ovulated this time....Talk about a SHORT cycle! Yikes!  It must have been a good O too, cause I already feel like crap, and am constipated...generally I don't feel that way till at least 6 dpo, so progesterone must be kickin in already too...As much as I hate to feel like junk, I am glad things are going better than expected. I expected another suuuupppperrrr LONG cycle like last month, NOT to ovulate on CD 8!  If this had not happened to ME, I might have said this was not even possible, especially considering how late I have O'ed for most of my life, so it really was a shock!

NOW...we wait....

I do have to say though, this might be the quickest, and easiest TWW ever for me, since normally, I am still 7 to 10 days away from O at this point! LOL...Here goes nothing!

Oh yea, here is my chart/Temp spike!

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