Friday, December 21, 2012


I just LOVE when I have a pretty chart!!

Yes, I know, It does not mean a BFP/THB or anything else really, other than ovulation occurred and progesterone is now the dominant hormone....BUT, on a cycle like this, where Normally I would STILL be waiting to O, I am pleased as punch to see such a great chart for a cycle that we all thought was a "bust". Not only did I O'ed wayyyyyy early with NO meds, but my progesterone was good, and but my charts looks  aaaammmmaazzzinggggg....NOW, all I need is a sticky BFP!!

I have to admit, I am a LOT more hopeful than ever before....I sure hope that is not setting me up for a BIG fall at the end of this cycle...I know nothing is guaranteed  even if we do get a BFP, but the addition of the intralipids gave me a little more hope to hang on to that maybe, just maybe we will get our rainbow one day after all....

Anyway, here is my kick ass chart!



  1. Beautiful! I don't blame you for being thrilled about it. Looking good and climbing high!

  2. I don't know a thing about charting, but it's pretty! Actually, I don't understand half of the stuff you talk about in your posts, you sound like a doctor yourself. You COULD probably be a doctor, with all of the research you've done and experience you have at this..
    Hope you have a wonderdul Christmas and you keep getting more and more good news! Hope and pray you keep getting those prwtty charts..


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