Friday, December 14, 2012

OK...really!?? what next!?

Soooo After my RE canceled my cycle, I just kind of resigned myself to the fact that this cycle was shot, and I was looking at another delayed ovulation cycle, like last month, and just was not even really paying attention...Well around CD 5/6, I started to get EWCM, like perfect, beautiful, clear, stretchy EWCM, and I noticed DH was VERY intent on BD, out of the blue, even whilist sick with the flu ( pheromones??  lol)...I was a bit perplexed, bit figured the high E2 that caused my cycle to be canceled was to blame...But on CD 7, I had even MORE EWCM, with my CP at HSO, and  I felt ovary twinges like I do around O time... Intrigued, I decide to take a OPK....
Totally positive??? what!?

On CD 7?? What on earth? So I asked the RE what to do, he said, basically, more U/s and blood that close to "O"  would be inconclusive, and to just BD as much as we can and go for a P4 check on 7 dpo to see what is going on. No real answer on why this is all happening but he said conception can still happen, so to BD and take the dex and prednisone and then if P4 test comes back good we will do a intralipid IV infusion right after that, and hope for the best...This was great news for me, cause it made this cycle a little less stupid, but none the less, a + OPK  on CD 7? with O day on Cd8!? what the heck!??

The only thing I can think of, is that Ovulation did not happen last cycle, and it was a cyst that caused my temps to be wonky, but because I started prometrium on supposed "4dpo" , my chart showed a biphasic shift, and then the AF I got was just withdrawal bleed, and not actually "AF", all the while, my body was maturing a follicle?? I dunno, but this is STRANGE!

I didn't even believe it was real till today...

All yesterday  my OPK's looked like the pic above, with NO hold and every sample/test I took, I kept up with the ovary pains, and now today I have ALL my classic O type symptoms and my OPK is neg, just like all my other cycles,  so hopefully temps will also confirm and line up with everything...Most of all, I am hoping this crazy cycle gives us a shot at a take home baby, despite the odds.

So that's what is going on here...

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  1. Wow! That is crazy! But exciting...I think anything different is exciting and could mean "something..." Good luck :)


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