Monday, June 25, 2012

Still here!

I am still here! Things are going pretty good, as far as our "break" goes. I have not temp'ed in like 2 weeks! It feels so strange...And I have managed to stay away from most of my TTC groups, and have scaled back on posting in general online a great deal...I am trying to focus my time on the things I have before me...At the moment, all of my kids are off from school for the summer, so figuring out ways to keep them busy, keeps me pretty busy! I am also fixing up the house/yard and trying to do all the things I wont be able to do when we finally GET/STAY pregnant with our rainbow....

Yesterday, at church, the message was exactly what I needed to hear...It inspired me to keep trusting in GOD and walking in faith, knowing that he will come through and give us the baby he promised us...Even though my natural eyes see the devastation from our losses, and my heart feels the pain, and I read the statistics of having a take home baby after so many losses...I must keep going....Steadfastly, patiently, trusting in HIM, walking in faith, with endurance and strength, knowing we WILL get our take home baby one day, even if it is not in MY time...I will NOT let fear grip me, and make me doubt...I realized I had endured so much grief and loss, that I lost my center...And began to doubt and stop trusting in the Lord ...This break, is just what I needed to recenter my self in HIM and in his word, and get my strength back up again to walk down the rest of this road....No matter how long and bumpy it may be...We will come out on the other side of this with a miracle baby...And a testimony of faith...

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