Friday, June 15, 2012


We are officially on a break.

I had my blood work done again this morning, and got the call...beta is <1. FINALLY! I hated having to wait for this to be over before we could move on...As if taking a break is not hard enough, having to wait, and wait before we could even really "break" sucked!. I started bleeding yesterday, and today is even heavier, so I started a new cycle, and started my birth control pills today. It feels so strange to be taking BC again...Almost "wrong"...BUT I know I NEED a break without having to worry about condoms and TTA with charting and stressing on fertile time passing etc...I also need to HEAL, physically and emotionally...That metho shot did a number on my body! ick!
Anyway...Glad it is "over"...Now, to fill my time with things NOT TTC

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