Monday, August 6, 2012

Medicated madness!

I am back on the medicated madness train! AND, I am excited about it!! It feels so good to be back to TTC again and having a plan, etc. We started our Femara last night- Doing 7.5 mgs CD 2-6- Then I will start progesterone, prednisone, and lovenox after Ovulation. I can def tell a difference taking the 7.5 mgs VS the 5mgs we did the last femara cycle we did. The side effects are not nearly as bad as clomid thankfully, but I def feel more with the raised dose...Hopefully it will help us pop that golden eggy that will bring us a take home baby for May!!!!!! If I ovulate on track like my other femara cycles, my hopeful EDD will be May 14th! What a perfect time! I had my son May 31st back in 2006, and I LOVED the time of year! It was perfect!

I am working on staying positive, and speaking LIFE out and not doubt or discouraging words or death- I will be speaking out scriptures that help me focus on the end goal, and will try and post them here too when I get a chance. The word is filled with promises of having healthy pregnancies and babies! So I am going to be speaking them out, and standing on the promises God gave me about having another blessing, and  am making a pact NOT to go to those 'dark places' of what happened in past cycles, with my past losses etc....This is a NEW time, and a NEW cycle, and I am going to keep myself focused and positive, even when it feels impossible!

So here we go!!!

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