Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's that time!!

Fertile time!! whoo hoooooo!! Got some ferning action on the scope, + OPK, cervical position is HSO- and I got a awesome pre-O temp dip this morning! Things are coming along  great!! I cannot wait to get into the TWW! I hate waiting to ovulate because I can sometimes have long irregular cycles with a late O- and it makes timing BD and all that jazz a PITA! Needless to say, I am pleased this month is going to well!  Now we just need a few more sessions of baby making and  we will cross everything and start praying like crazy!
Here is a peek at my chart- Cannot wait to see those red lines in a few days!!
I am armed and ready with a  TON of wondfo's ( cheapie preg strips) and want to see that BFP- for a take home baby!!!

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  1. Yay for an earlier ovulation. I know most women hate the two week wait, but I agree with you. Waiting to O is more stressful. Glad to see you've set yourself up for such a great cycle! I hope the Femara gave you the exact boost you needed. Crossing my fingers for you here!


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