Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I will stay positive!

I will stay positive....I will stay positive...I will stay positive.....I WILL stay Positive....
I have been trying all day to not get  all depressed and sad....I really have tried...

Not sure why- But I feel so "out" already. I know it is wayyyyyyy too early to start counting myself  out- But man- I seriously just "feel" like this cycle is not going to be "the one". I would more than gladly take a surprise, and a sticky bean this month- But I am already kind of preparing myself for AF. Why does this have to be so hard!? This is our first real cycle back TTC and I already feel burned out again.  I hate TTC- I hate that this has been such a hard long road...I hate the hormones and moods, and craziness....I hate that I can't seem to keep that spark of optimism alive and well this time around....Maybe it is just "hormones" that has me all blue and depressed or just my past experiences causing me to be more jaded....who knows...Hopefully tomorrow is better....I am going to veg out tonight  and watch movies and such and try to pass the time- Hopefully I can get rid of this funky mood!

Oh yea- Here is my whacky looking chart!??!!! Not sure what is going on with the temps last couple days!


  1. Girl do I ever get how you feel. I am only on CD13 and am already feeling like I'm out this cycle. Maybe we'll be like all the other women who think they are for sure out, only to get their BFP! Routine for you here!

  2. I've got my fingers crossed for you!

  3. Megan I get like that when it is nearing the end of my 2WW and I hate it. In the beginning I would get very excited like a kid waiting to open a present on Christmas and now I have no urge to test. My husband has become the optimistic one while I am being the realist. This whole journey is really rough.


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