Saturday, July 21, 2012


I had set out to start getting more active while on this break, and for a few weeks, had just let it go, and kind of put it off, doing little things here and there but no real pattern...So this last week/this week, I decided enough was enough....So I set it up with my neighbor to run twice a week, and I did it! I did just over a mile the first time, and 2 miles last night...On my days "off" from running I am swimming 30 mins at a time, getting my heart rate up, and working those muscles with no no impact...VERY refreshing! And I feel so good! More energy, and confidence, and satisfaction that what I set out to do, I am doing!!

I have had a few slip up's in regards to food choices...I totally threw gluten free to the wind after the ectopic, but have been trying to stick to low sugar/low carb type diet...I will get back on gluten free again starting in august, so that by the middle of sept, when we start TTC again, I will be back in the swing of things. I really struggle with sticking to diet changes...My weakness is salty, starchy foods, and sweets! But I will overcome, and I WILL lose weight, get healthy and be in good shape for our rainbow baby to nestle in to!

So that's what is going on for now...

Time to sit down and re-evaluate my supplements list, and see what I need to adjust...I will be back with all that info soon!

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