Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hystroscopy today

I have an appointment at 10:30 am, for my in office hystroscopy. For some strange reason, I feel lightly nervous! I have had the HSG and the saline ultrasounds before and they went smooth and detected NO issues. I think we will have the same result with this test too, but I am thankful they are going to take a closer look just in case something was missed by the other two tests. For those who do not know what a hystroscopy is, it is basically  a small, flexible, lighted microscope, that is inserted through the cervix and goes in to check out every wall in the uterus  and the the tube openings etc. I went on you tube the other day and did  a search and checked out some vids of other people's scopes, and they were soooo cool looking!! Id love to have a vid of mine...Doubt ill get it, but how neat to get to see inside our body like that! I am always amazed at the technology we have...Then It makes me kind of sad....ALL this amazing equipment and knowledge, and STILL no one knows why I am losing my babies...Perhaps this test will change that, and give us some insight, but the chances are, all is normal, like the rest of the tests have been...Don't get me wrong, I surely do NOT want there to be a problem, but sometimes it feels better to have a answer than to still be left guessing and wondering "what IF"....And "why?"....

I will post and update when I get back and let you all know how it goes!

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