Sunday, July 8, 2012


Well, today is CD 1!! I am officially 1/3 of the way through this break we are on! I was not sure how this cycle would play out,being it was my first cycle on the pills, and, due to the nature of the ectopic, and the metho shot etc....It def was a bit "off" so to speak...It was only a 24 day cycle, compared to my 30 day cycle off BCP's...So quite a bit shorter than my normal, but thats ok,. Id rather it be shorter than longer! LOL. It just feels good to have AF show, and not have to worry about trying again right away, or meds etc...I can just "be"....

NOW, to focus the next two cycles totally on eating better and getting active while I wait...I have been lazy the last few weeks, just putting off what I know needs to be done.NO more of that! I am going to lose some weight, and get healthy before we try again!! I have been "saying" that for ages, but never follow through....Now it is time to start doing the hard work, and actually put it into motion and really make the most of the next two cycles I have left on break!

OK, time to go pop some IBprophin so I can get rid of these cramps and get ready for church!

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