Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hystroscopy went well!

I got there, and they did a  STAT preg test, just to be "sure", not sure why since I am on borth control, lol, but I guess it is just protocol...So I get in there, and it takes him a few mins to get my cervix to open up enough to let the scope pass through...OUCH...But finally it went in....WOW...what a freaking NEAT thing to see!! I got to see EVERY wall in my uterus, and both tube openings that fall into the uterus....It was sooooo awesome! RE said all was "well" inside, and my uterus was "beautiful"!


Still, NO explanation for the losses, but he did say he feels the break will be good, and that he feels confident we will have our take home baby soon! It was nice to have a positive outlook from the RE...And some encouragement....

So, for now, we ride out the rest of our our break, and make the most out of our time... Before we know it, we will be back to the craziness of medicated cycles, and temping, and OPK's and tracking everything! LOL...


  1. So glad it looks good! It is so good knowing nothing is wrong but so hard when we want answers! Praying for you and sending (((hugs))) your way. Praying that we both get our TAKE home rainbows soon! =)

  2. A break is nice, so enjoy gaining a renewed spirit for when it's time to try again. Isn't it funny to get compliments on your ovaries or uterus? I want to say, "Why thank you. I'll let my husband know you said so." :)

  3. Yay!! I'm so glad it went well! I always find it kinda funny when doctors say that your insidy parts look wonderful or beautiful!


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