Friday, March 23, 2012


Well, the good news is, the sac is in the uterus!!! I saw it even! woo hoooo!!! It was measuring small, but considering this one was a late implant-er, and got off to a slower start I kind of expected it. Not to mention I am only 5w4d!

The Nurse called, and said that they also see a sac, and not to worry about it being behind, because the sac measurement is not accurate for determining how far along you are this early on,  and it can vary from machine to machine...So, more waiting. repeat u/s next Friday and a beta later today just to be sure the levels are rising!

I feel at peace with it all...
Just taking it a moment at a time!

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  1. That is wonderful news!!!! Sending ya lots of good vibes for the awesome beta results this afternoon!!!!


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