Friday, March 2, 2012

Having a strange week...

Having kind of a hard day...This is non TTC , just a heads up...

DH and I have decided to leave our church home of 9 years....after a LOT of prayer, and confirmation, and revelation, we made the choice to go...There were many reasons for it, but a lot of it was politics in the church, sermons being more opinionated instead of scriptural, and  a lack of belief in most of the new covenant stuff...All of which started to really go against the things God was doing in us... The meetings with the pastors went OK, but a lot of un healty stuff was said, to us....As much as I hate to admit it, I am hurt, and a bit sad...It feels so surreal....We are heading to an amazing body, one where many of the attendee's are people that previously went to our church, but left for the same reasons I listed and  then  some... It is going to be good, but very hard for a while...I stepped down from leading music after 7 years, DH was a youth leader etc......anyway...I am doing ok, and it is def taking the focus of TTC...I just can't wait to get on the other side of all of this. It has been a REALLY long 9 months dealing with all the emotions surrounding this...and waiting for the right time. then  add in our losses, and everything else...I am ready for a nice from it all...

On the TTC side of it all...Things are going well, nothing new. 4 dpo today, and chart is still tracking like last cycle. I am overly emotional, and really irritable! we go!


  1. So sorry :( What denomination were you going to? DH and I gone to churches like that over the years and leaving always sucks! I hope that your new church home will be wonderful for you!

  2. It was a non denominational. It was the church My father went to for years before I decided to go "back" to church again, and where I met my hubby, where I got married etc...lot's of history...I know we made the right choice. we are going to another non denomination church close by.

  3. I can understand the history that we can have with a church. We moved from my home church about 5 years ago (We left the state) and it took us about 2 years to finally find a church that was a good fit for us and went along with what we believe in. I don't like it when Pastors get on soap boxes, it makes going to church not fun! I love the church we're going to now, the Pastor has a solid message every week and I get to pretend I'm a good singer once a month and DH gets to play guitar once a month with me :) I'm glad you found a new church!


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