Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Still not convinced....

Well, I got CH's yesterday....But, I am still not convinced for some reason. I feel Like the whole cycle has been ONE BIG fake out all the way across the board. So many issues, let downs, set backs etc...I am too afraid to think I o'ed, only to be caught off guard and set back to waiting for AF again because O didn't really happen...I think I am going to go do to the RE Friday morning to see if they can figure out whats is going on between some blood and ultrasound we should be able to get an idea of where I am at in my cycle...If need be, I can do a round of provera I guess, but I need to know what is up one way or the other...I may just wait it out some more too...I dunno......I feel like I cannot rely on my temps/CM/CP or body at all in general right now...Totally sucks...I just wanna move on to next cycle already!    :::stomp, whine, cry, grumble::::

Here is my "spectacular" ( NOT) chart....

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  1. Not knowing where you're at in your cycle is so frustrating, because you need to know how to proceed. Should I keep BD'ing? Can I stop already or what?? It looks like FF is accurate to me, but wondering if you ever confirmed O? I hope you were able to get some answers if you kept temping or if you went to the RE!


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