Monday, November 12, 2012

I wont move or quit...I will stand-

‎"Cry if you must, But DON’T MOVE! Having done all to stand, DON’T YOU MOVE till you get your crown because GOD says when I send the crown, I will send the power to the place of your pain! And, until you can deal with your pain, You can’t receive your power. Stop avoiding it, Stop running from it, face it. Your power is in your pain! I came to encourage somebody! Don’t move, don’t jump, don’t quit, STAND RIGHT THERE!!! If you hold on, EVERYTHING God promised you will meet you in the place of your pain. Show me the place of your greatest pain and I’ll show you the place of your greatest promotion. Show me the place that tried you to the breaking point and I’ll show you the place of your prophetic destiny."-T.D.Jakes

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