Friday, November 16, 2012


Yup, that's about all I can do right now is LOL

- I got a possible + OPK this morning so yay for that! But by noon it was neg....My temp did dip, so I think O will be soon thank goodness, then we can get on with this cycle and move on to the next! This has been one heck of a cycle/month.

- Then, to top off this crazy, stupid, silly couple of weeks/last month... I rolled my ankle and sprained it and jacked the tendon up...Ya, NOT fun, and VERY painful...I just finally recovered from the strange neck pain that spazzed my whole body out and caused me to have to eat valium and hydro's and now I am back to eating hydro's for the stupid ankle...UGH! I am so frustrated with things right now!

AND- we are trying to get a new family vehicle, and are waiting for some money to free up to buy one ( and also pay for Braverman testing) And things are LAGGING like crazy! I am not the more patient person in the world, but this whole month has tested me for sure...

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  1. This cycle (cycle 14) was a bust for us yet again. I began spotting which means AF is soon to follow then cycle 15 officially begins. Pray for my heart and my empty womb .... not sure what else to do. Just tired of seeing failed cycles.


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