Thursday, November 8, 2012


Strange cycle! Ugh! I am getting sick of this dysfunction I am dealing with in my cycles these days!

So as you all know, my CD 3 labs were off, due to this strange bleeding I am having, and even when I repeated the labs on another day- But, my estrogen was still just "too high" ( and my thyroid was off) to cycle with meds- so they canceled me- and told me to call in with the next AF-

So the bleeding continues, and gets worse as the days go by...After all was said and done, with spotting included, I bled for 15 days- 8 of those days were super heavy flow with large clots- then a few medium light days and some spotting before and after- I didn't even bleed that heavy, for that long after giving birth in the past! No one could tell me why I was bleeding this way....

Finally after what seemed like forever dealing with AF- I was down to super mild spotting. DH and I jumped on the chance for some fun together, but not cause we want to TTC, but cause it has just been "that long" since we could do anything, and man O was it much needed. Of course, I "thought" O would be wayyyyyy off- due to the messed up E2 and super long AF- But I woke up to a decent temp rise this morning, and while it could be a fluke my boobs are sore like I just ovulated as well...which is crazy to me!

I did have some EWCM- but that was mixed with HEAVY flow AF- for a few days, so because of the bleeding I did not even mark it as fertile fluid, cause, well, why would you!? Then after it slowed to spotting, I had a little more EWCM like stuff, but nothing I would have considered "my normal" fertile fluid-

I will have to wait to see what the next few days bring, but honestly, this is a bit strange. All of it. The E2 issues, my TSH going all whacked, the bleeding etc...I feel like my body is going to give out on me!!

ETA: I went ahead and called the R and asked for some blood work to see where I am in my cycle, and that way I know what I am dealing with! I go tomorrow morning, with results later in the day!

Here is the chart for your viewing pleasure! ( look at all those pink AF squares!)


  1. That is a lot of pink squares, but on a good note if you did O, you sure picked the right time to BD! Hoping your temp stays up and that you did O. It sounds like you might have from your other symptoms. I've seen some crazy looking pregnancy charts, so don't count yourself out!

  2. Maybe mother nature was cleaning house to try and have a tidy place for a little one to settle in.


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