Monday, October 8, 2012

Just trying to pass the time...

Nothing really going on...Just trying to pass the time...Been cleaning, and organizing so we are all ready for Holiday's and winter etc...

I THINK I may have either Ovulated super early, or just geared up to O...Wont really know for a couple more days, once I see what my temps do, but if I had to go on CM and CP alone, I would have totally thought I ovulated 100%...Part of me really hopes I did, so we can get on with  this cycle and have it be over faster! LOL. I there was a way I would fast forward time, I would be using it right now, that is for sure!
But, for now...I clean, and stay as busy as I can , so the days go by as fast as they can!

Estimated time left till TTC: 18 days!

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  1. You are going to have a super clean house 18 days from now. lol Hope it will fly by for you in record time!


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