Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I am so sick of all the SHIT!!!

Yes, I used profanity...It's that kind of day/week/month....

  Just got a call from the RE office, and after looking at my chart further, RE said NO cycling this month after all..::whine/stomp/scream/cry:::
  He said my TSH (which took a jump from 1.24, just 6 weeks ago to 4.09 Friday, to 8.20 Yesterday which is now a whole other issue on it's own!) and my estrogen which was STILL at 163,  I am not ok to cycle, and the nurse who said yesterday, that I was at baseline, was wrong ( looked at wrong levels from wrong day)...Freaking great. I already took a dose of Femara, last night...I am sure it wont do any real harm, but none the less... So, no TTC/ no intralipids nadda...

Maybe it is best anyway...Since in the last week BOTH our cars decided to die, leaving us in a pinch, and rather stressed out scrambling for $$ and transportation for a few days, and now trying to figure out whats worth it to put money into etc...Not to mention MANY other very stressful things going on I cannot really publicly get into, but stress is a factor right now. I have a busy 3 weeks ahead, so I will be okay, I guess, but I am just so sick of this, Up and down, yes, no yes no crap...Getting my hopes up, just to be disappointed again...




  1. I'm am so so sorry. Sounds like a craptastic start to what you thought was going to be a great new cycle. Ugh! It just plain sucks. Hope things get under control soon and you can get a clean slate to start a fabulous new cycle! HUGE ((HUGS)) TO YOU!!!


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