Wednesday, October 3, 2012

HSG results-

I went to the RE this morning for my HSG, to check the condition of my tubes, since the recent ectopics. I had a HSG, back in July 2011 that showed things were well in there, but we wanted to be sure nothing was gunked up before we started to TTC with the new immune meds.

Anyway, results:

Both tubes OPEN, clear and NO swelling! yay!!! Good news!!!!!!!

Here is a pic-
So, now that we have determined my tubes are all good, we can start moving forward with our plan.

We decided to wait in seeing Braverman until after the first of the year, and are going to cycle locally at my RE- Using, Femara, Intralipids, dexamethsone, progesterone in oil injections and prometrium vaginally after O. If in two cycles, we either do not get pregnant or have a m/c we will go right to Braverman and get tested, but I am hoping the new meds and especially the intralipids will do the trick!!
Now to pass the time, until next cycle!!

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  1. Congrats on the great HSG! Onwards and upwards!! :)


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