Monday, October 29, 2012

All may not be lost...

Turns out, my labs on Friday were not really done on "CD 3"- I misjudged the heavish spotting as "light flow"- it went on for 3 days, and I thought I would just have a lighter cycle...Well, REAL flow came on sat morning, and today, I went and had my labs redrawn, and they are baseline! yay! However, my TSH is all sorts of off- so they adjusted my meds, and will recheck them in a few weeks- I will still follow up on things with my regular endo just to be sure. BUT, I get to keep my intralipid appt!! Yay! I cannot wait!!

Now to hope that Sandy does not kill it for me, and keep the power out and roads closed....


  1. we had a severe windstorm that took out the power to the facility on the day of one of my iui's. there were still IVF's going on back up generators, and my iui was done in a room with no power and with the blinds open for light.

    of course, you have to be able to get to the facility. good luck!

  2. WOW... Hope all goes well Meg! Keep safe with the storm though!!


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