Saturday, January 28, 2012

Whoo hoooo!!!!!

Got another temp rise today! I Ovulated!! 2 days past ovulation today! I will get my Cross hairs tomorrow!!! That puts me with a Hopeful EDD of Oct 18th 2012! I HOPE, hope, hope this is the month!!

I start the antihistamine protocol tomorrow! I am anxious to see how it works out...I have read a few more forums and success stories about it over the last few days...Some think it only the prednisone that does the trick, but I think the other meds have a link too... So, I will try it this month with no prednisone, and if it is a no go, i'll be asking the RE next cycle to try a low dose 5 mg Prednisone to go along with the other meds and see how it goes. I do hope though that we don't have to go on to "next cycle"....

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