Monday, January 30, 2012


My antihistamine protocol! yay!! AND, to top it off, our BD timing was GREAT, and my chart is looking freaking awesome this month!!!

I hate that I am already getting so stoked about this cycle, cause I know how bad the let down is, but then again, no amount of restrained joy or optimism, makes it easier if it is "over", so I guess I will stick to being excited and positive. It should make the next week a LOT easier to deal with...and Hopefully I can stick with the same frame of mind should we get a BFP... I am so sick of being pessimistic about it all, but some days I just can't help it...


  1. I so hear ya on the pessimism! Its an annoying little thing us IFers deal with! Ur chart looks amazing and I start the anhistimine protocol 2marrow cant wait 2 see what r results will be!

  2. soooo true...
    Yay for starting protocol tomorrow!! whoo hoo!! Here is to being experimental! LOL And, HOPEFULLY a BFP to boot at the end!


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