Monday, January 2, 2012

Did it "work"?

Many people ask me, "did it work!?" in regards to my tubal reversal. I guess the answer to that all depends on what you consider successful. I consider mine to be a total success even though we have not had our tubal reversal baby yet. I went for my reversal in the beginning, primarily for the relief of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome ( PTLS)  that I developed after my Tubal ligation in July 09'. After months and months of research, I was ready to take a chance and try to get some relief.  Immediately following  the TR I felt better, and within 3 weeks I was almost totally "normal" again. The "bonus" or secondary reason for the TR was to have another miracle baby.

Surgery it self  was a total success. I ended up with 5 cm's on my left side, and 6.5 on my right side. ( I had a modified pomeroy originally) The procedure itself went super smooth, and I woke with no pain, and had a super easy recovery. Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center was amazing! (I chose CHTRC because they were the only clinic taking record of ladies with PTLS and following up with them 3 and 6 months post surgery etc) Everyone there was sooo helpful, and professional. I went home and recovered for a couple weeks and was back to my normal NON PTLS self! Yay!!!!

Not long after, we began to start trying for another baby...  I knew I needed  to I go for my HSG, as that would be the determining factor is being able to get pregnant again, even though I had gotten pregnant once, we lost it, and I was worried it blocked my tube....  It showed both tubes open and clear! yay!! success again!! That was one HUGE hurdle I was looking forward to going over...It helped me to KNOW there was a CHANCE every month, and that we were not trying in vain and hoping all was well,  and walking blind.

We have been pregnant a few more times since then, and I still consider my reversal a success even though we did not get to bring any of those babies home... At least I get to try, every month... I get a chance at a miracle every month!! I get to share my story and inspire others... how can that NOT be a success!?

So my answer is YES, it "worked!"

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