Sunday, January 8, 2012

Taking a step back

I have decided after 22 months of charting, numerous supplements, 3 medicated cycles. timing BD, using special lube on certain days, more than a couple losses, and a whole lot of emotions later, to take a step back, and just live life for one month. I am going to refocus on my self, both physically, and spiritually. I am not going to try and control everything...THAT is a scary thought for me....

I am a control freak... BUT I am sooo tired of it. I really hope I gain a little bit of freedom and relax a bit on this new little break. I also hope to lose a few pounds! (The holidays did a number on me this year)

OK, so here we go... ready..... set....
NO more TTC craziness!

 This does NOT mean I will not be updating this blog, so stick around...=)

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  1. Sometimes letting go of the control is when little miracles happen :O)


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