Thursday, June 6, 2013

New group-

   In the midst of all of this grief and bad news and what not, I have been left feeling  a bit isolated and lost and with nowhere to really go for support online, without pregnancy or TTC chatter- As much as I LOVE the women in these groups, (and I created a few groups, both on FB and BBC so I have really come to know some of the women well, and really consider them friends), it KILLs me, each time I skim the posts, to know that part of our journey is over, and didn't end the way it should normally end...With a baby in our arms... I just needed a place to go that I could vent and have other's undertsnad the pain of having to really move on from this part of life, and the dreams of what we imagined our family being...

Don't get me wrong, I am sooo happy for those that get to keep trying with every hope of a baby, I would give anything for that, and would never wish anyone to be in this situation. And, I am so happy for those that have tried and have finally gotten their precious bundles of joy, I wish the joy of motherhood for everyone longing to have that opportinity, and of good sound mind to do it...BUT...It just HURTS to have that all taken away from you, and sometimes you need other people you can relate to, that have walked at least a quarter mile in the same kinda shoes...

So, I looked for some groups online that were for those moving on from TTC, and could not really find any..So I decided to start one on BBC and FB...I have already seen a great response, and I am so glad to have some amazing, strong, couragous women to relate to and help keep me semi sane through this very hard transition...To be honest, I find I get more support from these  who "get it" than any counselor or therapist who just takes my money and tells me to be "happy with what I have and find a new hobby"...LOL...Anyway-

Here are the links-

Empty arms and broken hearts BBC group 

Empty arms and broken hearts private FB group

Please feel free to share these groups with anyone you know who may be looking for support like this, after deciding to be done TTC for whatever the reason may be. 


  1. What a great idea to start your own group. No doubt there are TONS Of women out there who have probably been needing a group like this. Good for you!

    Still praying for you too Megz. I hope the mtx is doing is working to help your body recover super fast and that each day brings you a tiny bit more comfort as time passes. xo


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