Thursday, February 13, 2014

Limbo land...UGH...

It seems we have found ourselves stuck in a strange and uncomfortable land...Limbo Land...What was once solid, concrete plans, are now thrown to the wind...And we wait...We are trying to be patient.....If you didn't already know, patience is NOT one of my best character traits, lol.

Many of you know, we have plans to relocate to southern California. We got word at end of Dec, that our target date to be out in CA, was end of Feb, beginning of March 2014. Great, we Listed house at the start of Jan... Well, End of jan 2014, we get news from corporate at DH's work, that cuts are being made, and "restructuring" is happening, so the transfer may be pushed out till april but no worries...Ok, No big deal...

Beginning of Feb comes along..."It could be 6 to 8 months, maybe longer"...Basically NO one knows what is going on...And TONS of people are being told they cannot transfer for 18 months or more, no matter what the location is...So it isn't just our transfer that is being affected. 

One sliver of hope is, DH reached out to a past mentor who works with the company still, and is now at headquarters. He is going to see if any of his contacts can assist in getting this transfer moved through sooner, and possibly with an even better position than we initially thought! There are NO guarantees, but we are praying for some favor here... 

In other news...The House selling...UGH...All I will say is, the next house we buy, I will DIE in, before I sell again...It is just utter ridiculousness! Dealing with the buyers flaky, unprofessional agents is grating in my nerves...BUT, my house has never been this clean, consistently...LOL! We have had a couple of "almost offers" but it was between us and another house, and the other houses won. But in hindsight, had we accepted an offer and pushed to close sooner, rather than later, we might be homeless, waiting for this darn transfer! So, I am not going to get discouraged about that one bit. 

I just have a pet peeve about people who have no courtesy for others when scheduling showings, and either coming uber late and displacing us for 3 hours  in 10 below weather, just to say "meh, I don't like the yard", to just plain not showing up, and after cleaning for 3 hours I was less than thrilled....But, I guess it is all apart of the "experience"...One I hope to NOT relive again! 

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  1. I hope ya'll are told of some concrete plans sooner rather than later and hopefully that includes the better position.


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