Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Follow-up Appt with Cardio/Electrophysiologist

I had my follow up appointment today to go over all the testing I had with the Cardio/EP dr I went and saw last month. It was of course, a LONG morning, between driving down in commuter traffic, to waiting an unusual amount of time for the DR to come in...But alas...He arrived, with answers.

First off. The echo was normal.  No abnormalities, or muscle weakness etc, so YAY about that!

The event/loop monitor showed no arrhythmias! I got to send back that POS monitor! I was soooooooo happy!!...Can I just tell you, having that thing for 25+ days was horrible!

The tilt table test, although it did not show the "gold standard", it did show some interesting results in regards to the hypersensitivity from the iso. Basically, the results from that and my history, showed I had some issues with my autonomic system. I was given the diagnosis of neurocardiogenic syncope, also known as  Neurally mediated syncope.  Which is a dysfunction of the autonomic system. It is similar to POTS, which he thought might be the final diagnosis, initially. Either way, they are groups into a syndrome called, dysautonomia. Which is now clear, based on tests etc, I some some form of.


Increase salt (non iodized) and fluid intake to reduce triggers. And, I started on a beta blocker called, Toprol XL. Starting at 25 mgs 1 X a day...I will call in every few weeks to reevaluate and they will adjust dosage accordingly.

So, all in all. It went great. I learned I am NOT crazy, lol...And, hopefully, I can start feeling a bit better, with the addition of this medication and new changes. 

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