Friday, September 13, 2013

Yet another ectopic...


I mean, really!?? This makes 4 ectopics in one years time...UGH...

Beta HCG jumped to 107. Progesterone less than one...

I go back monday for a repeat beta and a ultrasound to try and find the placement of the ectopic, then they are booking me for surgery some time next week...
I am scared to death, so frustrated, and shaking my fist at the effin sky, asking "WTF!? WHY me!??"

 For anyone curious what a beta of 107 looks like on a wondfo, here is my series over the last day or so...Bottom test was a hour ago with a 2 hour hold...The one above it was last night at midnight.


  1. My heart aches that you are having to go through this again and now surgery on top of it. So very sorry.

  2. Boooooo! This f'ing blows. Sorry I have no uplifting words, but I can offer someone to commiserate with. Any surgery sucks, but if you hate the mtx shot as much as I do, then it actually seems like a better option comparatively in a way. Hang in there woman.


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