Saturday, September 14, 2013

Right tube gone...

Soooo.....I Went to ER this morning with pain on my right side...My RE told me if I had any increasing pain in the location of the suspected ectopic  before Monday,to go to the Urgent care facility and get checked, becauseBHCG is not produced in the same amounts in a ectopc pregnancy as it would in a normal intrauterine pregnancy, so I cvould rupture even with such low numbers. So, I decided after being in pain all night, and this morning, I might as well just go get seen to be on the safe side....I got there, They did blood and ultrasound...My HCG did not rise appropriately, of course, we knew that would happen, The ultrasound showed a 2 cm mass in my right tube. I was transferred by ambulance to the women's hospital nearby, where my RE has surgical privileges ...Of course I was taken to Labor and delivery to wait for the surgical team, and my RE to show up, and get prepped....UGH...

Anyway, Long story short, they got me in and they took my right tube out, and in the process, accidently nicked my large bowel/intestine with the laser, and had to have the general surgeon come in and fix it, like something out of grey's freaking anatomy...Then, after recovery,  they put me in a room in the postpartum wing where I could hear a newborn crying in the next room....Really!??....However the staff, as super nice, and everything ran smooth with minimal waiting. 2 doses of toredol, and 4 doses of 4 mg of morphine,  the pain finally eased enough so I could go home...I just got home a little while ago...

I have pics of my insides too..

Warning, graphic pics ahead....

The top left picture is my ovary and tbe with baby in it- 

+3. It still seems surreal...

What a hellish day it has been....:::sigh:::


  1. Holy crap! You had quite a busy day. :( I'm so sorry dear. I will be praying for a speedy recovery for you!

    I am so glad you are already at home. Is there any chance the removal might actually help things? I mean, if you still O from the other side or choose to do IVF/IUI in the future, then maybe this right guy won't be causing so many problems and sucking little embies into there that shouldn't be implanting in there?...Not sure if the right tube was your repeat offender or not, but just wondered if this could be a good thing in any way whatsoever?

    1. Yea my right has been where most of not all my ectopics and suspect ectopics have it is GOOD the little bugger is gone... BUT it feels so strange to not have that tube there anymore...I also saw the pics of the baby on my tube, and it just really hit me...Its all been so surreal....

      The RE said wait at least 3 months before trying again but we wont be trying for a long time...Probably save for IVF/immune treatments for end of next year and see if we qualify for the first time IVF grant, now that we have tubal factor issues beyond just an ectopic... he did say it was good that we took it out and that it looked like it could have had some hydro in it, which could contribute to embryo loss early on, even if it did not travel down that tube, cause the toxic fluid can leak into the uterus etc......
      and he checked for endo etc too, and I was all clear in that department.

    2. Well, I know this whole experience you would have never wanted, but I do think it sounds like this could end up being a blessing in disguise further down the road. You wouldn't want the risk of that tube giving you problems if you did decide to become more aggressive with all that $ and then have a hydrosalpinx ruin it all anyways. Wishing you a speedy recovery and many less complications to come from now on! Rest well Megz.

  2. Ugh, you poor thing! Haven't you been through enough already?! :(

  3. I'm so sorry for what you've been through these past few weeks, but it sounds like having that right tube gone can be a good thing. Hopefully no more ectopic issues!! Hope you're feeling better from your procedure!!

  4. You poor thing! That sounds rough. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


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