Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feeling a little down...

Logically, I KNOW I am still "in the game" and have plenty of time for a BFP being I am only 9 dpo, but inside of me is feeling so let down and disappointed...I had what I thought were possible early BFP's 7/8 dpo... Now, nothing. I know That there is a HUGE possibility the lines I saw were just bad tests (two different brands), and that I am heading to a nice beautiful BFP in a day or so, but why is it soooooo hard to actually believe that today. Some days there is so much hope, and I think " this is IT", then, the very next day I am all in knots, and frustrated at the thought of having to bare yet another cycle TTC....:::sigh:::
This chapter needs to be over so I can get to the next one... I am so done TTC,...

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